A speech delivered by the general manager

It was more than ten years since Chengda pharmaceuticals Co., Ltd has been established. I really appreciate the strong support and selfless concern from the society. And I can’t thank the hardworking employee in Chengda too much.

Be always honest with the people, and repay the society when you are powerful. The initial intention to create Chengda, also the great ideal we are pursuing, is to build a centennial enterprise, realize the value of life for all the employee in chengda, and return the society with great performance.

The development of any enterprise would be impossible without the honest mind, hard work as well as an united and aggressive team. The spirit of sincerity, diligence, unity and aggression happen to be what we always encourage and promote. And I strongly believe that as long as we always carry forward the spirit mentioned above, the target would be definitely realized. Chengda pharmaceuticals would become one of the best pharmaceutical enterprises in the domestic market and integrate deeply into the international up-market.

Pay more attention to chengda and join us. We sincerely welcome the friends and guests from society to grow and build a brilliant victory together.